Oprah 2020?

Will Oprah win free elections?

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The US election day Godwin vs. Conspiracy Theory challenge!

The US election day Godwin vs. Conspiracy Theory challenge!
Come up with the best (worst) conspiracy theories or Godwins in the comments. Try it šŸ™‚
Meneer D kicks off with a few:

  • “9/11 <-> 11/9. Coincidence? I think not!”
  • “If you could go back in time, would you kill Hitler? What does Trump have to do for you to kill him to stop him before it is too late?”
  • “Clinton vs. Trump? The results are in. Putin won the elections!”

Election Day: who’s trolling the world?

Harry Potter scene: "Trump in the dungeon!"

Politics 101: US 2016 presidential election

Summary of US 2016 presidential election: "Demoncracy"

Cartoon: US presidential elections: Animal Farm all over again.

Grab' m by the... or ehm... do doggystyle? The Lady and the Trump

The presidential election in the USA is tomorrow.Ā Animal Farm all over again?

Current events: Elections in Turkey

Elections in Turkey:
Disappointment for the opposition parties; victory for the AK Party, so no chance of Erdogone anytime soon.

Beeldtaal: the true lady’s man

A Disney classic. A political thriller. Or a comedy. Yes, definitely a comedy.

About a true lady’s man. Or is it a Trump l’oeil?

Always eloquent, docile, a true gentleman, let’s the lady speak first. Never interrupts. Places each woman on a pedestal, always supporting women’s rights, up to the board room. Ladies (and gents), we give you straight from the GOP finest selection of presidential candidates: the immaculate Donald Trump. In the classic Lady and the Trump!

Lady and the Trump

As mentioned by a friend of Meneer D: ironically he is eating immigrant’s food as well. It should be real American Trumpsteak.