Cartoon: US presidential elections: Animal Farm all over again.

Grab' m by the... or ehm... do doggystyle? The Lady and the Trump

The presidential election in the USA is tomorrow. Animal Farm all over again?

Erdoğaiku: farm animals

Inspired by a poem by German comedian Jan Böhmermann (and the consternation it caused by narrow minded people like Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) and – thematically – Ruben L. Oppenheimer’s  cartoon, as well as Nichtlustig’s Joscha Sauer’s cartoon. Of course the fuzz started with a video (that was quite funny, the poem was quite tasteless). However, this all let Meneer D to conceive the Recep of a new form of poetry: the satirical Japanese poem. Called Erdoğaiku.

Meneer D kicks (off) and hopes that the Erdoğaiku will have many followers. For the love of satire and poetry!

Erdoğaiku: I do love satire / but I just do not do it / with farm animals

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