Comic: International Pi Day

Today, March 14 is International Pi Day. Let’s all celebrate, but not with cake…
And of course the only reason we can celebrate Pi Day is because Americans write month and day in an odd order. Nevertheless, always a good opportunity to celebrate.

For some of you this cartoon in multiple panels may cause a scratch, it might take you just a bit over 3 seconds to get it (Meneer D knows, he had some feedback that not all people got the pun right away). But of course, you erudite math savvy reader will get it straight away. If you find it humourous is a whole different question…
International Pi Day - comic strip / cartoon

(click on the comic strip for a larger version)

(Observant reader: “Hey, Meneer D, isn’t that the same Pi Day comic strip you published last year?”
Meneer D: “No, it’s totally different on 3.14 points. Meneer D did a total ethno swap. Kind of the circle is round again.”
Observant reader: “Ethno swap?”
Meneer D: “Yes, ethno swap.”)



SYNterklaasavond voor netwerkengineers:

# Wie zoet is krijgt hackers, wie stout is de router #

Strip: De embryo’s

De embryo's - strip / cartoon

De embryo’s. IVF en gebruik van embryo’s (voor wetenschappelijke doeleinden) roepen nog steeds discussie op. Zoals hier letterlijk. En dat werpt vruchten af.

Een strip uit het oude archief. Uit 1997 alweer. Onlangs opnieuw (digitaal) geletterd. Een vruchtbare periode om strips te tekenen was dat. Reageren kunt u in de buis hieronder doen. Ehm…

Historische uitspraken: Gnaeus Julius

Historische uitspraken. Deel 1.

Romeins generaal Gnaeus Julius  (40-93): “Van Agricola moet ik altijd boeren.”

(Speciaal voor latinisten. En wie hem niet snapt, zie hier, hier en hier.)

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Spetter pieter, Geschiedschrijving

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Meneer D op InstagramSinds kort zit (ligt / staat / hangt / vegeteert) Meneer D ook op Instagram!

Waarom? Meneer D maakt naast de witzige woordgrappen ook cartoons. Soms inspelend op de actualiteit, soms puur voor de taalgrappen. Ook maakt Meneer D plaatjes met woordspelingen of fotoschopt hij soms een plaatje door elkaar, veelal met (homofone) woordgrappen erin. Kortom: plaatjes + taal. Dus geschikt voor Instagram 🙂

Instagram: volg Meneer D met berichtmeldingenVolg dus @talendblog op Instagram als u / gij / jij daar ook rondhopt en plaatjes post. Hartjes en mentions zijn uiteraard ook welkom. En aangezien Instagram het beleid van welke posts getoond worden heeft gewijzigd (of toch niet), raadt Meneer D aan om berichtmeldingen aan te zetten. Hoe? Zie plaatje of ga naar Meneer D’s Instagramprofiel, klik op de 3 bolletjes en selecteer ‘Berichtmeldingen inschakelen’ of ‘Turn on post notifications’.

Daarenboven is Meneer D uiteraard ook te vinden op Facebook, Twitter en 9GAG. Dus volg Meneer D daar ook 🙂 Twitter gaat bij Meneer D met pieken. De meest constante stroom aan posts (eigen posts, maar ook gedeelde grappige en serieuze taalposts) komt op Facebook voorbij.

Comic Strip: International Pi Day

Today, March 14 is International Pi Day. So. Meneer D decided to celebrate and draw a comic strip. Happy Pi Day all! Celebrate with some cake (yes, that is a pun, on a day like this, you don’t eat cake).

International Pi Day - comic strip

(click on the comic strip for a larger version)

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New Facebook reactions: totally offended?

As anybody on Facebook will have noticed: Facebook finally lauched their new reactions. We already had the Like-button. Half the world wanted a dislike button. But now we have five new like-options, called ‘reactions’ by Facebook.

We have Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. We can now express our emotions better. Better than just a like. So Facebook can do some number crunching and show you even more appropriate ads tailored to your interests.

No Dislike reaction yet unfortunately. And of course, just those reactions are not enough. That is why The Oatmeal created a bunch really great additional reactions.
Facebook reactions - with 'totally offended'
Meneer D is already using the reactions in a dysfunctional way. You know, responding ‘Sad‘ to a graduation post, ‘liking’ with ‘Angry‘ when someone just shared a funny post Meneer D shared. Not really trolling, but just confusing people.

However, Meneer D felt that a serious contender for the reactions was missing. You should be able to derail every post and conversation on Facebook. Make things totally awkward. Make a statement. And be dysfunctional by mimicking orthodox bigots who justify being a bigot by saying something offends them (think Westboro Baptist Church).

Thus. The new reaction: ‘I’m totally offended by this‘.
Facebook reactions: I'm totally offended by this
Should work. Should make things awkward. Close to trolling.

‘Look a sweet kitten sleeping’
-‘I’m totally offended by this’

‘I cooked spaghetti with brownies for dinner! Here are 12 pics’
-‘I’m totally offended by this’

‘Thanks for all the birthday messages.’
-‘I’m totally offended by this’

‘Article link: ice discovered on the 23rd moon of Pluto’
-‘I’m totally offended by this’

‘I’m watching Little House On The Prairie’
-‘I’m totally offended by this’

‘I really like this new Kanye West album, it is so everything is awesome!’
-‘I’m totally offended by this’
-‘I’m totally offended by this’

Let’s hope Facebook will add ‘I’m totally offended by this‘ even before they implement the dislike-button.

What do you think? Totally offended by all of this?