Darts semi finals

The PDC World Darts Championship first semi-final in 1 sentence:
“The Price is Wright”

Watching darts

New to watching sports. PDC World Darts Championship. Round 3 match Rico vs Badr. Rico had a double 8 finish in Badr’s leg. Apparently it is good to break your opponents leg.
Badr took a 180 turn and broke his own leg somehow. Which is technically highly illogical. So Badr gave up. Odd game, darts.

Strip: Solo

Star Wars - Solo

(Solo: A Star Wars Story draait nu in de bioscoop)

Cartoon: Santa’s little helpers?

Cartoon: Santals. Elf: "What are THOSE things on your feet?!" Santa: "Those, my dear elf, are my new Santals! (now available in a store near you)

(Santalig hoe de Kerstman hier aan sluikreclame doet)

Cartoon: Good Friday – sandals…

Rob DenBleyker from Cyanide & Happiness made this Jesus cartoon for Good Friday with the sandal scandal. Rob nailed it. However, punny as always, Meneer D had to respond. Sometimes you just see a missed opportinity

Cyanide & Happiness - "They should have used sandalwood"

Happy Easter! If the shoe fits, wear it…

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