Oprah 2020?

Will Oprah win free elections?

(the news)


Cartoon: Santa’s little helpers?

Cartoon: Santals. Elf: "What are THOSE things on your feet?!" Santa: "Those, my dear elf, are my new Santals! (now available in a store near you)

(Santalig hoe de Kerstman hier aan sluikreclame doet)


​[Read with heavy fake Russian accent] 

Having to eat Ukrainian beetroot sour soup is my borscht nightmare. 

Cartoon: Good Friday – sandals…

Rob DenBleyker from Cyanide & Happiness made this Jesus cartoon for Good Friday with the sandal scandal. Rob nailed it. However, punny as always, Meneer D had to respond. Sometimes you just see a missed opportinity

Cyanide & Happiness - "They should have used sandalwood"

Happy Easter! If the shoe fits, wear it…

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Comic: International Pi Day

Today, March 14 is International Pi Day. Let’s all celebrate, but not with cake…
And of course the only reason we can celebrate Pi Day is because Americans write month and day in an odd order. Nevertheless, always a good opportunity to celebrate.

For some of you this cartoon in multiple panels may cause a scratch, it might take you just a bit over 3 seconds to get it (Meneer D knows, he had some feedback that not all people got the pun right away). But of course, you erudite math savvy reader will get it straight away. If you find it humourous is a whole different question…
International Pi Day - comic strip / cartoon

(click on the comic strip for a larger version)

(Observant reader: “Hey, Meneer D, isn’t that the same Pi Day comic strip you published last year?”
Meneer D: “No, it’s totally different on 3.14 points. Meneer D did a total ethno swap. Kind of the circle is round again.”
Observant reader: “Ethno swap?”
Meneer D: “Yes, ethno swap.”)

Comic: Cupid & Brute

Valentine's Day comic strip: Cupid & Brute
Valentine’s Day. Let’s celebrate with a Cupid stunt.

Zie ook: de Nederlandse versie.

Cartoon: Merry X-mas!

Merry X-mas! Too soon? - cartoon

Meneer D would like to wish you happy holidays. And a Merry X-mas.

And as usual with a literal take on things. A graphical take on the ‘too soon?’ puns. Combining Christian holidays, beginning and end, the alpha (not Romeo though this should be a holiday about love) and omega (not the fatty acids), almost as an antithese (not anti-Christ). A literal chiasm (see what Meneer D did here?) and not schism, which looks all too similar (and the Protestants loved those schisms). It’s now approaching Christmas Eve (no trace of Adam). Time for some X-nog and X-communication. Probably.

Meneer D