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Valengein V – Waanzoek

(Valengein? Ja, Meneer D kon inderdaad geen slechtere woordgrap bedenken. Graag gedaan.)

Valentijnsdag. Tijd voor liefde en overpeinzingen. Hart voor de woordelijke zaak. De liefde verklaren? Uiteraard! Maar dan wel Meneer D stijl.

Een – uiteraard te laat – advies voor eenieder die vanavond een romantisch etentje met zijn, haar of hets geliefde heeft gehad waar dé vraag wel of niet gesteld werd.

Doe een huwelijksaanzoek bij voorkeur tijdens een romantisch dinertje; diner heb je, die ja kun je krijgen.

Zie ook Valengein I, II, III, IV.

New year’s tip: A fool’s behind

Meneer D stumbled upon the picture below.

This results in the New Year’s Tip (no New Year’s Resolution; they do not work, they are really lazy, unmotivated and unemployed, so no support from Meneer D for them). The New Year’s Tip (or perhaps trip, but we get to that later):

“Always look at language, words and sentences in the wrong way. Real gems are not hidden at the bottom of a trunk (that’s where the junk is), they are hidden in plain sight. Like in the short story ‘The Purloined Letter’ by Edgar Allen Poe.”

That E.A.P. stuff was only to sound interesting. Of course. It did not work. Meneer D knows that. But let’s get back to that picture. It’s supposed to be some inspirational quote. And it is. It inspired Meneer D. But not regarding life’s lessons or other augmented alliterations. No. It easily inspires some word play. It is there, in plain sight. Like with most word play: it is right there in front of you. You just have to see it for yourself. Feel the Force Luke! Ehm, no see the homonyms. See the rhymes and sounds. See the odd word where there were even ones. Try for yourself figuratively. Or litterally. Or. Just wordy.

Only a fool trips on what is behind him

First thought when Meneer D laid his eyes on it:

“I hold some LSD behind my back.”

Cartoon: Merry X-mas

Merry X-mas! Too soon?
Meneer D would like to wish you happy holidays. And a Merry X-mas.

And as usual with a literal take on things. A graphical take on the ‘too soon?’ puns. Combining Christian holidays, beginning and end, the alpha (not Romeo though this should be a holiday about love) and omega (not the fatty acids), almost as an antithese (not anti-Christ). A literal chiasm (see what Meneer D did here?) and not schism, which looks all too similar (and the Protestants loved those schisms). It’s now Christmas Eve (no trace of Adam). Time for some X-nog and X-communication. Probably.

Meneer D

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Terrorism: The Lone Wolf

With the current events and polarisation, time to put a pun to some perspective. More food for thought – regarding terrorism, mass shootings, US gun laws, the NRA and ISIS (IS / ISIL / Daesh) – than a punny pun perhaps. But still, the word play is there. Of course. The thought is there as well.

The Lone Wolf Pack

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