Graphical language: Greek mythology and the flat earthers

There are people out there in serious science denial. They are somehow believing the earth is flat. A general misconception is that those people do not believe the earth is round. Most of them do believe the earth is round. Round and flat. They refute the scientific fact that the earth is spherical. Some of those flat earthers are joined in the Flat Earth Society. Or rapper B.o.B. (Behold: obsolete Brains!). The latter went into a the-earth-is-flat feud and rap battle with Neil DeGrasse Tyson this January.

However, if the earth IS flat (which it isn’t), that means we’ll have to rewrite history. We need new documentation for our flat history books. One where people in the Middle Ages believed the earth was flat (they did not). One where the ancient Greeks based their mythology around this flat disc called earth (they didn’t, Eratosthenes even calculated the circumpherence of the earth with great accuracy). One where we celebrate pancakes and we live in flats. One where there is no more flat shaming.

Let’s start back in those old days by rewriting ancient Greek mythology.



Auteur: Meneer D

Meneer D is een taalpurist en woordengoochelaar.

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