Cartoon: Merry X-mas

Merry X-mas! Too soon?
Meneer D would like to wish you happy holidays. And a Merry X-mas.

And as usual with a literal take on things. A graphical take on the ‘too soon?’ puns. Combining Christian holidays, beginning and end, the alpha (not Romeo though this should be a holiday about love) and omega (not the fatty acids), almost as an antithese (not anti-Christ). A literal chiasm (see what Meneer D did here?) and not schism, which looks all too similar (and the Protestants loved those schisms). It’s now Christmas Eve (no trace of Adam). Time for some X-nog and X-communication. Probably.

Meneer D

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Auteur: Meneer D

Meneer D is een taalpurist en woordengoochelaar.

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